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The Hungarian Connection Ltd., since 2008


After 1st May, 2019, we are able to answer your calls only after 5 PM (UK time). You can ask for a callback by texting us using any of our mobile numbers.

We formed our company in 2008, we provide Hungarian translation services in The United Kingdom. We also contribute in company formation and preparing the daily running of the business. We draft and translate from Hungarian to English and vice versa the necessary documentation, e.g. contract templates, general terms and conditions, all supporting documents and sheets.

As we are a leading Anglo-Hungarian Translation Office, we apply the relevant translation techniques: we can use MemoQ and Trados, too. We have experience in translating official documents, plain texts, brochures, essays, books and we are planning to extend our service towards publishing houses and companies whose businesses are related to Hungary or Hungarians. Our work include multi-level security checks to make sure spelling, grammar and completeness are accurate. We can cope with any text that relates to everyday issues, marketing/brochures, business or law. We have an extensive background of professional and qualified translators who are available 5 days a week for your business needs

For clients whose issues relate to Hungary: feel free to write us. With our extended knowledge in Hungarian and Hungarian law, we are able to introduce you to solicitors and notary publics in Hungary. We can also deal with company, development and investment enquiries in Hungary. We deal with long-term residential enquiries, e.g. property negotiations and conveyancing, land registry issues as well as general administration duties. We help you establish a solid and long-term import-export relation. We also help you with outsourcing if you think of a deeper level of involvement: have contractual agreements for your manufacturing or services, get your service jobs done within one and a prosperous place. You may also consider direct investment in Hungary: joint ventures and strategic alliances. With our extended professional background, we can lead you all the way to making your profits through a well-built system where Hungary is involved. Major airports, international experience, good command of English, our direct contact to boards of professionals, chambers, councils, government departments are all unique if you would like to just set your feet on a different level of business. Spread your company policy, be ahead of your competitors. We are always available any question you may have. Please contact us.

We provide our tour guide services in Hungary. Leisure or business activity you may wish to have, please call us for your own itinerary, adjusted to your needs and interests.


After 1st May, 2019, we are able to answer your calls only after 5 PM (UK time). You can ask for a callback by texting us using any of our mobile numbers.

We inform the public that due to defamations against our colleagues hence our company, we are constantly submitting claims to the relevant authorities.


No training is scheduled at the moment.


Dr. Rásó Attila, jogász-szakfordító / Dr. Attila Rásó, lawyer-translator

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